“Tiny Tales is the BEST! My son has been in 5 sessions with Jennifer and every time they are over he wants to do more. Jennifer is amazing with the kids and the little films they put together as part of the class are a treasure to keep forever. It also really helps with kids’ creativity and confidence. Truly an amazing experience.”

—  Mariana, Vasco’s Mom

“I love what Jennifer does with the Tiny Tales classes! She is endlessly creative and passionate about the performing arts. I’ve seen the kids perform everything from shadow puppetry, plays on stage, to silent movies. Every session is different, and whether your kid is outgoing or super shy, Jennifer has a way with connecting to kids that is inspiring and fun. I look forward to each performance; I usually find myself laughing then crying and then laughing again. Such a joy to watch! Thank you Jennifer and Tiny Tales!”

— Joanne, Margot’s Mom

“Jennifer is absolutely amazing!  She has a true gift in working with little ones.  I’m in shock and awe after seeing performances and what she is able to draw out of the kids.  My daughter looks forward to every class.  And I love hearing my daughter share her Tiny Tales adventures!”

— Rachel, Charlie’s Mom

“Tiny Tales classes are one of the few things that make me truly appreciate living in LA. When I saw them the first time, I was mesmerized by the creativity and fun and thought ‘this could only take place in LA’. The stories the kids come up with and the performance they put on are incredible. Jennifer is a great coach, the performances make you wonder how on earth 3-5 year old kids can tell such stories. I think these classes are great for future creative writers and actors.”

— Merve, Milas & Esma’s Mom


Flynn Testimonial

“Though she’s only a little taller than her students, Jennifer has a way with those kids, encouraging their most creative selves and putting it out there on stage and screen. Truly some of the cutest small people adventures I’ve ever seen.”

— Tamar, Tiny Tales Classes Supporter




“Jennifer is phenomenal with children! They adore her. These classes are fun and so unique to her. The kids are always looking forward to the next show and having complete control creatively. They are so excited and proud! Thanks Jennifer.”

— Barbara, Tiny Tales Classes Supporter


“Jennifer has a true talent for connecting with children and bringing their creativity to life. The shows are adorable, the kids shine, and you can really tell that they take pride in the work they’ve created. The classes are engaging and unique and I am always looking forward to the next performance! I highly recommend checking out a show at the (awesome) space in Atwater Village and/or trusting Jennifer to work with your kids.”

— Becca, Tiny Tales Classes Supporter