Kids Coaching


My coaching goal is to help showcase your child’s very nature. Their natural state of play. In our session we work towards this by involving their imagination in the understanding of the scene. Your child will be able to make informed choices that are right for the project, and will make their performance stand out. They will tap into their extraordinary imagination and become the truthful character, rather than putting on a show. In this process we leave memorization to the very end, so that they have a complete understanding of the words they are saying, and why they are saying them.

Most importantly, the coaching is fun!


  • $50/hour
  • $30/half hour

* Coaching is available for children ages 3 and up.


With the popularity of self-tape auditions growing, it has become paramount to provide a professional audition tape without the distractions of poor lighting or an overzealous reader. This is especially true if your child is auditioning for regions outside of Los Angeles.

Self-Tape Sessions Include:

  • video will be processed at your session
  • audition will be uploaded immediately to Eco-Cast, sent to their representation, and uploaded to any personal hosting sites i.e. YouTube or Vimeo
  • a copy of the video file will be available to download to your personal computer for 48 hours following the session
  • bring a thumb drive or hard drive with you and you can take the file home when you leave
  • performance redirection if necessary

Your client will leave not only with a great audition, but knowing that there is nothing left for you to do. You can enjoy the rest of their day!


  • $50/hour
  • $30/half hour

*Self-Tape Audition sessions can be combined with coaching.


Coming soon! Please email me at to inquire.